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M A S T E R I N G   T H E   Z O O M   C A L L B A C K    2 0 2 2 

   - with Premier Casting Director Kim Petrosky, CSA

If you’ve ever auditioned with Kim, you know she is like no other casting director. 

She is one of the most respected casting directors working today. 

With over 25 years experience in film, television and commercial casting.

Kim is currently in pre-production on a new Amazon feature.

You do not want to miss this unique opportunity to master the essential skills and techniques to improve your next zoom callback.


Cost   $107.00

Date: ​ Tuesday, October 18,  12pm – 3pm CT


This is a VIRTUAL class.


From Kim: I have been wanting to do this workshop for months . We continue to see the business shift almost entirely online. We all admit that a zoom callback session is different than an in person audition/callback. I want to address issues that I deal with weekly - Mastering the zoom callback. I see actors who have submitted amazing self-tape auditions only to fall flat in the zoom callback session with directors, ad agencies and clients. 


I've been eager to create a workshop to address pitfalls and mistakes I see happening over and over with actors. I want to share with you the other side of the experience in hopes of making you feel comfortable and confident with managing a zoom callback smoothly, professionally, while increasing your chances of booking.

  • We will replicate the zoom callback experience while realistically re-creating that process. We will request self-tape submissions prior to the class…then you will receive a zoom link for your zoom callback aka your zoom callback workshop with Kim.

  • As always, Q & A with Kim who will share her experienced, professional insight. 


  •  This class is for 16 years +


  •  This is a small class - 10 spaces


For more information on how to sign up - please click here



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New ideas
New ideas
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